If Data Is Destiny,
Then You Chart the Path

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Your life is spread across a dozen companies that take your data and don't give anything back. What if you could say goodbye to the chaos of today and hello to the promise of tomorrow?
How It Works
Tell us who you are.
We tell you who
you can be.
Company Values
Are you living your best life?
By the time you retire, you'll have switched careers seven times.
By the time you find love, you'll have been in seven to eight relationships, and had your heart broken twice.
Is the world the best place it can be?
In the past 3,400 years, humanity has been at war 92 percent of the time. Wars killed over 108 million people in the 20th century alone.

By the time we reach 2100, the global temperature will be 10 degrees higher. The ice poles will melt and the rainforests will be deserts.

Incite believes we can chart a path to a better future, for you and for our world. Our values are your values. Let us find your path.